Cheverme prepared in the traditional Rhodope style.Here, Pamporovo guests will try the unique cheverme prepared before their eyes under the sounds of the Rhodope bagpipe. Eat, drink, and speak kind words!Here you will try the delicious Bulgarian dishes served in large portions with a cup of good house wine.

The Chevermeto of Bay Panayot theme restaurant in Pamporovo Resort Complex opened doors for its first guests as far back in time as 1971.

In an old Rhodope style of stone and wood and under the sounds of chimes and bagpipes,the most delicious lamb cheverme is cooked in the way Bay Panayot, the founder of the restaurant, used to prepare it for 5-6 hours with his hands, before the eyes of all visitors, at thebig fireplace at the centre of the restaurant.

We have been welcoming our guests for 47 years now with our authentic way of cooling and serving the food, the amazing orchestras and the best dancers from local schools.

You are invited to become part of the half-century history of the restaurant and one of the millions of visitors going away with Chevermeto of Bay Panayot in their minds.

The restaurant has two rooms with a total of 300 seats.